Membership Categories


Membership of the IoDT

The Institute membership and its categories cater to prestigious and diverse business leaders, providing them with a unique opportunity for networking and business development. Our membership is open to eligible individuals (directors, partners, consultants, academicians & other business professionals) who wish to take advantage of the facilities and benefits of the IoDT and who satisfy set criteria, as follows:

Associate of the Institute (AIoDT)

  • The entry-point and a stepping stone to full membership.
  • It is targeted at individuals who are ineligible (at present) for full membership, but who satisfy the overall fit and proper test and display an interest in the affairs of the IoDT.

Member of the Institute (MIoDT)

  • A threshold of years in business and service as a director, alternate director, senior executive with managerial responsibilities or a partner in a professional practice.
  • A proposed minimum time completion of our CiDir course, as may be determined by the IoDT.

Fellow of the Institute (FIoDT)

  • Nominated by the IoDT Board in consideration of seniority and experience at Board/strategic level.
  • A possibility of direct admission or upgrading if the candidate meets IoDT’s prior requirements.

Honorary Members/ Honorary Fellows of the Institute (one grade lower than an honorary fellow)

  • Awarded to individuals with a proven record of outstanding service in the pursuit and application of good Corporate Governance, leadership and ethics per the IoDT Board’s consideration.

Retired Members of the Institute

  • Targets individual over the age of 70 years who has previously been a ‘member’ or ‘fellow’ for at least three continuous years and who is no longer active in Business, as determined by the IoDT Board.


16nov(nov 16)8:00 am20(nov 20)5:00 pmCiDirThe IoDT Certificate In Directorship Course.

17nov(nov 17)8:00 am20(nov 20)5:00 pmBSCThe IoDT Board Secretary Course

18nov(nov 18)8:00 am20(nov 20)5:00 pmMDirThe IoDT Mastery in Directorship